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BPI Invest US Equity Index Feeder UITF now multi-class/multi-currency - USD/PHP

Info now out on the BPI's peso-denominated US equity feeder fund. Created an update post for more visibility. Original post by u/jmnativ:
It's simply the Peso version of their US Equity Index feeder: that uses the SPY ETF. It has the same fee structure:
Trust Fee 0.7500% per annum payable to the Trustee, BPI AMTC
Custodianship Fees 0.0084% payable to the Third-Party Custodian of the Fund, Bank of New York Mellon
External Auditor Fee 0.0082% payable to the External Auditor of the Fund, Isla Lipana & Co.
Broker's Fee 0.0300% payable to the brokers / dealers for the buying / selling of shares / units of the Target Fund
Total 0.7966% (at least, if other expenses like taxes are not included)
Note that SPY's gross expense ratio by itself is 0.0945%
Investment amounts:
Unit Classes Class A (USD Class) Class P (Philippine Peso Class)
Minimum Initial Investment USD 1,000 PHP 50,000
Minimum Transaction Amount USD 500 PHP 10,000
From their FAQ:
If I invest in Unit “Class P” and the general consensus is stronger or weaker USD against major currencies, how will this affect me as an investor?
As a Unit “Class P” investor, should the US Dollar strengthen against the Philippine Peso, you stand to benefit on stronger US Dollar due to unrealized foreign exchange gains. On the other hand, should the US Dollar weaken against the Philippine Peso, you may experience additional volatility due to unrealized foreign exchange losses.
Note, however, that the NAVPU of the unit classes also reflects the daily marking-to-market of the underlying investments of the target fund. As such, we emphasize that clients are not encouraged to subscribe into the BPI Invest US Equity Index Feeder Fund Unit “Class P” to hedge foreign exchange risk. Unit “Class P” was designed primarily to provide convenient access to global outlets for investors with Philippine Peso.
So ultimately, it just provides the convenience that you don't have to buy USD to invest. The minimum transaction amount is also lower. The exchange risk is there whether you invest in USD or PHP... if you eventually will spend the investment proceeds in PHP. If one can buy and sell USD at better than bank rates, it may be better to invest in USD fund since BPI probably earns a little bit more on the forex spread.
I guess BPI just has to be clearer when stating the performance of the USD class and the PHP class, since the latter also effectively includes the exchange rate performance of USD vs PHP.
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What 1$ USD rate around the world Dollar Rate Forex exchange rate today usd to pound

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